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Passage of Time is the initial book of a planned time travel/historical romance/roots unearthing saga featuring Kate Hunter and Nathan Walker.

Passage of Time

ISBN: 978-1-9994992-2-8

After deciding to write a time travel saga, I then had to pin down the historical period and setting for this initial book. Perhaps it was from having watched so many TV westerns as a child that made me choose the American plains in the mid-1800s and the conflict initiated by the increasing encroachment by white settlers on land the Plains Indians had traditionally inhabited.


The idea of focusing on the Cheyenne tribe became entrenched in my mind early on in my reading of George Bird Grinnell’s two-volume series on the history and ways of life of the Cheyenne Indians. As I read about certain customs, I would think “holy mackerel, that would make a great plot turn!”

Besides Kate and Nathan, readers will meet real historical personages, such as trading fort owner William Bent, who longs for one of Nathan's possessions; mountain man Jim Bridger, who might hold the key to how Kate can return to her time; prominent Civil War Confederate commander James Ewell Brown “Jeb” Stuart, who finds his way into the novel as Nathan's friend; and Colonel Edwin Vose Sumner, who makes a surprising decision as he leads the charge against Nathan and the Cheyenne in the 1857 Battle of Solomon Fork.

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