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KATE HUNTER has never doubted her adoptive father’s love, or his integrity. So she knows there must be another explanation for why he bequeathed her a Pandora’s box of items that suggest he murdered someone. She can either let the unwelcome doubts about him fester inside her, or do as she is determined to do: use her FBI background and twenty-first-century technology to prove her deceased father innocent of any wrongdoing.


It is a good plan…until Kate and her dog and her father’s urn are pitched into an earlier time period that lacks the investigative resources she requires.

Finding her way home turns more challenging when she becomes the hostage of a snake-eating Cheyenne war chief. Unlike her mystical father, Kate is way too practical to believe in the reality of visions. But her white captor, NATHAN WALKER, is a Cheyenne adoptee who believes in vision quest dreams, especially the one that foretold of the arrival in his life of a woman possessing a pendant with unique fire and ice stones.


Seemingly the only thing Kate shares with her captor is a commitment to family. When their relationship evolves into something unexpected, eventually each must decide if they will have a future together.


Pitted with ongoing challenges, Kate’s new life takes her from the grassy American plains…to the sidelines of the 1857 Battle of Solomon Fork, where white soldiers and Cheyenne warriors first fight one another…and eventually to Bent’s New Fort, where she comes a step closer to finding her way home.

Passage of Time is an impressive account of time-travel adventures and romance. The reader is quick to fall in love with strong-willed and independent Kate Hunter.

Joanna Howard


An unusual request, and an antique box containing possible evidence to a murder - and the reader is hooked!

Martha Sanger


If you love a good mystery with intriguing twists and turns you must read this book.

Rosemary Biette

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