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Recent reading at retirees luncheon

I felt honoured to be asked to speak about my book, Passage of Time, at the December meeting of the Niagara Branch of the National Association of Federal Retirees.

I began by asking members to close their eyes and imagine what it would be like to walk out of the room to suddenly find themselves on the American great plains in 1857.

Then I asked three questions:

What about your current life would you miss the most?

How might you and your life change because of your travelling back in time?

Would you accept your new life without trying to get back to the year 2019?

This is the same situation that faces Kate Hunter, the heroine of my book, I told the audience when they reopened their eyes. "You can imagine how estranged she would feel from all that was familiar to her...especially when she ends up being adopted into the Cheyenne tribe."

I selected as my first reading a scene from the adoption ceremony, the scene ending with the sudden appearance of an apparition. My next reading pertained to the Battle of the Solomon, an actual battle that took place on July 29, 1857, between the Cheyenne, and white soldiers commanded by Colonel Edwin Vose Sumner. It was the first time the Cheyenne had fought against the whites. The third and final reading was about the inquisition in which the medicine man, Red Fox, will determine Kate's punishment after the book's villain, Yellow Teeth, accused her of having evil spirits.

I always enjoy the opportunity to discuss my book, and felt pleased when several people bought the book because "it sounded interesting".

I am currently plotting the opening chapter of the second book in my time-travel/romance/roots-finding saga about Kate Hunter and Nathan Walker, and expect to begin writing on it in early January.

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