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German Shorthaired Pointers

In my book, Passage of Time, Kate Hunter owns a German Shorthaired Pointer named Ali, who goes missing in this initial book of a time travel/historical romance series featuring Kate Hunter and Nathan Walker. As I'll soon begin writing the second book, I want to give Ali some endearing quirks, and so I'm reaching out to owners of the breed to share their own dogs' quirks, which Ali could end up exhibiting in book two.

My boyfriend and I have a British bulldog named Molly, who has some adorable quirks of her own. For instance, she folds back the edge of her dog bed to mouth the material like a soother.

And if I rub the inside of her leg, she stretches the leg out behind as though performing calisthenics, and then turns around so you can rub the other leg.

Lately she has been resting her chin on a chair to look out the family room window.

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