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Cheyenne Dog Soldier

The Dog Soldiers were the most powerful and militant of the Cheyenne tribe's six military societies, gaining notoriety during the Indian and white conflicts during the mid-1800s.

While some Cheyenne council chiefs, such as Black Kettle, wanted peace and negotiations with white leaders, Dog Soldiers responded to the white expansionism with raids and battles.

"The Dog Soldiers attracted all those who were unequivocally hostile to the 'encroachments' and who chose war as the means to repulse this invasion of Indian country," writes historian Richard S. Grimes.

Dog Soldiers wore large feather headdresses with bird-bone whistles around their necks. Only the most elite wore Dog Ropes, decorative sashes that the soldier during a battle would stake to the ground and fight from that location. He could not leave the site until the battle was over and a fellow soldier had unpinned his sash.

Here is a brief excerpt from the yet unnamed sequel to my first book, Passage of Time, featuring the ongoing saga of time traveler Kate Hunter and her Cheyenne husband, Nathan Walker.

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