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Guest Speaker


Feb. 13, 2019...I'll be guest speaker at a Niagara Falls church women's meeting, where I'll give a reading from my book, Passage of Time, and talk about the writing and self-publishing process.

Amazon Review


Dec. 19, 2018...Passage of Time received its first Amazon review, a four-star rating. The reviewer loved the book, but not the ending, and hoped there was going to be a sequel to tie up the story. Yes, Sarah, there will be a sequel...and very likely more, for there is lots more of this tale about Kate Hunter and Nathan Walker to be told.

Book Release


Nov. 26, 2018...With a glass of Pinot Grigio in hand, I am celebrating holding a copy of the paperback publication of Passage of Time, my initial book of a planned time travel/historical romance/roots unearthing saga featuring Kate Hunter and Nathan Walker. The eBook version was released Oct. 5. The journey that has brought me to this moment has been winding, long, and packed with hard work. For sure, it's been a journey of love for this author. How else can I explain why I could read the entire 93,000-word manuscript at least two dozen times without losing faith that the tale was worth sharing? Even so, I turned to a small group of beta readers to provide some objectivity. They pointed out where clarification was needed (what does it mean to count coup?); they wondered why a particular scene was written in Nathan's point of view (if you read the initial love scene, you'll realize why it works); and they confirmed my belief that the characters are likeable and believable, and that the descriptive details immerse the reader in a scene. If you are the type of reader who is tired of books with a steamy love scene on nearly every page, you probably will enjoy reading Passage of Time, where the love between Kate and Nathan progresses in a believable fashion, and any steamy scenes are worth the wait. It gives readers time to take in the rich details of Cheyenne life, and the adventures undertaken by Kate and Nathan.

Reaches #6


Dec. 3, 2018...Passage of Time is #6 on hot new releases (books-lit & fict-world lit-U.S.-Native American) in the Australian Kindle store.

Pre-Christmas Sale


Dec. 8, 2018...The eBook for Passage of Time is now FREE up to and including Dec. 11, 2018, and the paperback is now at a discounted price. Clicking the Buy Now button or the Canadian Buyers button on this website will take you to the Amazon page where my book is listed.

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